0 Day: Attack on Earth - Dated Worldwide

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Square Enix has announced the worldwide release date for its Xbox Live Arcade shooter 0 Day: Attack on Earth - the game will launch in all regions on December 23rd.

0 Day: Attack on Earth is a free roaming overhead shooter. You face off against invading aliens in heated air battles set in such real locations as Tokyo, Paris and New York. Online play options include cooperative play for up to 4 and competitive play for up to 8. If it's as good as their great Einhander, count me in.
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Sigh, when is the Wii going to get some Shmup love? 

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It looks like a serious take on the Space Invaders Get Even concept.

@Emilio said:

" Sigh, when is the Wii going to get some Shmup love?  "
Huh? Space Invaders Get Even, Geometry Wars, Blast Works, Castle of Shikigami III, Star Soldier R, Ultimate Shooting Collection, Gradius Rebirth, and I'm sure VC has a few good ones too? There are definitely more than these and some upcoming ones too. Though some are imports.
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I either own all those, or have no interest in bullet hell shooters. I want me some more traditional stuff like the Star Soldier games or Raiden. :( 
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Well this thread's subject is a hardly traditional shooter so I didn't get that part (not that bullet hell don't have a tradition of their own) >_>

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This looks like a mix between The Last Guy and  Space Invaders.  It looks very good too.

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  Here's the TGS trailer:

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@Emilio said:
" Sigh, when is the Wii going to get some Shmup love?  "
Doesn't it have enough already? It's flooding on these kinds of shooting games.
Anyway, the name for this game is weird coming from Square Enix.

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