Can you party-up with a friend & play together in the same group?

#1 Posted by jNerd (2008 posts) -

Can you? lol. I know you're in a group with 3 other people. Can you party-up with a friend & bring them?

#2 Posted by jNerd (2008 posts) -

Can I play with my homie on the same Xbox?

#3 Posted by Jon93 (158 posts) -

you cannot play on the same xbox (I'm pretty sure) and you can invite friends in.

Voice chat is a little bugged so you might as well use Live Party to chat.

The game will also match you up with people in your friends list if you join without a full group.

#4 Posted by ROWD (129 posts) -

I was wondering this as well. I turned on another controller and signed in with a silver account I had but it told me only gold members are allowed to play. So you might be able to as long as they have a gold account as well.

#5 Posted by Bubahula (2197 posts) -

you can have friends and any gold account with you,  and you can still talk about the awnsers to , it makes it more fun to play with friends in a party

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