For the love of God please someone help me with this game

#1 Posted by buttle826 (144 posts) -

I've been stuck in the upper left hand corner of the map for like a week straight. I have done every other thing in this game, I'm convinced I have most of the seeds available, and I'm stuck. I'm almost positive the way forward is through this room with all of those conveyer belt type objects pushing me to the left and then down. I've already turned all of the lights on, I just can't get to the top of the damn room again.

Any help would be super awesome. Thanks in advance

#2 Posted by eccentrix (1797 posts) -

@buttle826: I was stuck at this point too. If you're still there, there's a teleporter in the top right corner of the map. It'll take you to a room with other teleporters. One of them will take you to the hub place with the woman, two will get you seeds and one will take you to a new area, which will bring you back around to above the conveyor belts.

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