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#1 Posted by Craisin (20 posts) -

Dunno, there were no forum posts. I felt bad for 10,000,000. So... its a game?

#2 Posted by Omnomnivore (2934 posts) -

I played the hell out of it for a day and completed it. It's a fun little game, but doesn't really have much going for it other than OCD matching.

#3 Posted by MistaSparkle (2283 posts) -

Seemed pretty cool from a review I saw a few weeks ago. I was going to get it, but then I got distracted by something and forgot. Too bad you beat it in one day though.

#4 Posted by AbeBroHamLincon (92 posts) -

it is a game for sure :-) ten million was asking a bit much i feel ....dont get me wrong some people love charity just not 10,000,000 of them do.

#5 Posted by minotaka (335 posts) -

What is 10,000.000 aside from a number?

#6 Posted by Alkaiser (394 posts) -

Is this Tak Fujii's next game?

#7 Posted by FLStyle (5460 posts) -

@Craisin: Looks like someone needs to pay a visit to the forum rules. Don't make pointless threads.

#8 Posted by ZombiePie (6171 posts) -

When creating discussion topics on the forum boards please ensure that your topics kick off a productive discussion and contains more than a single sentence. Creating a forum topic just because there aren't any on a game specific board is not that and considered spam on the site. 


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