the godzilla at the end of the tutorial

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I've been playing this off and on since Jeff mentioned it on the bombcast. I only noticed yesterday though, that when entering the dungeon you can choose to go back to earlier difficulties. There are "<<" and ">>" buttons next to your current rank name at the top of the screen that lists your missions. I've gone back to the tutorial a few times, for a laugh, and found out that the godzilla like monster at the end of it is actually quite difficult. Haven't managed to beat it yet, even though I've killed several dragons.

Has anyone else noticed this feature? Were you able to kill godzilla?

I'm currently stuck on treants at my actual rank. But everyone knows they're OP!

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Game is surprisngly fun, and the music is maybe the best of this year. Sadly, once beaten, the game has no real replayvalue. Haven't tried going back though, maybe I will.

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I'm still working through the game the first time. I've grinded out some extra loot on levels one or two behind my own, but the tutorial is no good for grinding. Only for Godzilla.

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That's sounds cool. I'm still playing it so I'll try that out later.

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Finally made it far enough (Explorer) to find out that monster's name is Tyrannosaur. He still hits hard even with many upgrades!

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