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A letter Review to 10000000


Thank you for the great time we spent together last week. I had so much fun! I'd heard a lot about you from others and was very excited that you gave me the chance to hang out. I'll admit I didn't know what to expect from our meeting, but I was excited nonetheless.

Those first few moments we were together were a little awkward weren't they? But, you were kind and showed me how to act. After that, I felt that I had the best time that I've had all year. I saw potential in this budding relationship. I saw months, even years, or experience and progress that we could make together.

But alas, it was not to be. Only after one weekend, it seems that we were through. You no longer have any new experiences to offer me and aside from the pics we took together (that I can look at whenever I want, I guess), I think that strong flame has burned out. And only after a weekend...

What happened 10000000? Is that all you have? Were the others just one-night stands and they didn't mind it? I was personally looking for something with some longevity. I thought you had that, but now I can see you're just here for a short, yet fun time.

I will always remember the fun we had and the hurtful longing for more that you left me with. The best of luck to you in the future. If you happen to stop by a second time, I'll be happy to hang out, but don't expect me to get too attached.

Good bye.

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