Anno 1701

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Does anyone remember this game? or anyone still play it?
I guess its a fairly oldish game now, was released about 2 yrs ago? something like that, but i totally forgot about it, its a really good RTS game, i never did finish it, i was playing more of the skirmish kind of games, i always found it a bit difficult to micromanage the people, to keep them happy while progressing through to make bigger cities, you often have to make 2 or 3 other towns and cities to grab the rescources you need to keep your main city stable and stop the people from revolting! but this game is one sharp looking game, and the water effects are really well done....

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No sorry

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I played Anno 1503 for a while. It was a good game but didn't live up to the hype it stirred up here in Germany.
I didn't bother to look at Anno 1701 since they both seemed so similar.
Anno 1602 was I guess the first game in the series and a huge success here.
The Anno games have such a slow pace that I'd rather play Civ 4 for that kind of gaming experience nowadays.

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heh, never heard of it

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Lol, never played it =S

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I wouldn't say that the pace of 1701 is slow, but its not the easiest game to get a hold of.... and i didn't think many people played it, ddin't get that popular over in the UK either, but i do think its an under-rated RTS game...

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lol Its sad that a game thats quite good hasnt really gotten out. YES I've played lots of 1701 but I find once you get a really good high quality city theres not so much to do.

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yeah thats true, i like hunting down pirates and other colonies with my ships tho, cannon fodder!!! heh

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VACkillers said:
"yeah thats true, i like hunting down pirates and other colonies with my ships tho, cannon fodder!!! heh

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