razr95's 18 Wheels of Steel Across America (PC) review

Interesting Concept

The gameplay is fun you can travel across america with the truck you want you can customise it so that it looks like you want. When you're playing and you're going on the wrong side of the road or you're driving to fast ect.. the cops are chassing you and thats the best part of the game because its hard to evade them unless your truck is very fast. Overall the game is pretty realistic when you're driving it takes time to go to the destination you want and thats whats so fun its like if you're really driving across america. When you're driving you've got to fill your truck with gas when you find gas stations. When you run out of gas while you're driving you're stuck you have to call service so that they could fill it up. I like racing games but i didn't know i would like this kinda game but when i played it was pretty fun. The part i dont like is that it gets boring just travelling and delivering cargos i think it gets pretty boring when you play for hours and hours.

The graphics are good but on your computer you need a graphics card so that the game can work but when you play it wow the graphics is good its like playing a game on the xbox 360.

The sound is pretty good the trucks sound like real trucks but the music is weird and it just doesn't really surprised me its not music from artist's its just made up music.

I reccomend this game for people that are interested in trucks and driving trucks. This game gets fun in the beggining but after it gets boring.

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