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180 is a Darts game that was developed by Binary Design and published by Mastertronic for the Commodore 64 and MSX platforms.


In 180 players compete is a simulation of real world darts. Players compete to reach 501 points over the course of a best of three set. The game can be played either single player against a random computer opponent or against another human player.

When playing the game a hand cursor will travel across the screen in a random way and the player must hit the button to throw the dart.

Computer Opponents

When playing Championship Knockout mode against a computer controller opponent, a random opponent will be chosen. Each character has their own personality and style.

  • Tactical Tel
  • Mega Mick
  • Big Belly Bill
  • Jammy Jim
  • Delboy Des
  • Limpy Wrist Larry
  • Sure Shot Sidney
  • Devious Dave

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