Loved the Original

#1 Posted by Nijle (6 posts) -

Hey just wanted to drop in and say i love the original game and hope this one is just as good.  Has anyone seen the game in action?

#2 Posted by Roboto (25 posts) -

Comes out wednesday, I'm torn weather to just buy it outright or wait for a review.

#3 Posted by neuroAvalanche (1 posts) -

me too, i wish it was only $5 instead o $10, and then it would be a no brainer

#4 Posted by dozerking (42 posts) -

I loved the original as well. From looking at the pics and videos, this looks like a punishing type of game. I can see myself breaking a few controllers. Now, if we can save our progress, that's a sell for me. We're just too spoiled for punishing games that suck your life away...looks awesome though

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