need help in this old game

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So I know this game is old but but after playing halo reach i got a 13 point achievement putting my points at 38193 on xbox obviously, found out that i still need to beat this with shiden for a 7 point achievement witch will put me back to a 0. I know im supper OCD about my points but i Know im not the only 1. So back to the point is there any one who owns this game and is fairly good that could help. I can got to the finnal boss with with 2 lives but shiden is so weak.

GT: drowsap

any help would be great from any dudder

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Shoot me an invite. I'm around after 8pm EST most nights. 
GT: Engineer Seven

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@SteamPunkJin: thanks for the post but i managed to push and got it in solo it was hard but i pulled through thank god now i can sleep soundly knowing my points end in 5 or 0 lol

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