The NintenDownload X-press! Returns...

#201 Posted by artfan (10 posts) -

I'm on the train until Indy throws me off!!!

#202 Posted by libidinous (39 posts) -

And so the world is bright and young again.

#203 Posted by minorinya (182 posts) -

I feel like I'm listening to an audio novel... :D

#204 Posted by ApolloBob (577 posts) -

Every single one of these will be a shining testament to how much the people who wanted this stripped from the Bombcast SUCK.

#205 Posted by SuperJoe (999 posts) -


#206 Posted by cinemandrew (723 posts) -
@Jeff: I would easily pay an additional $1 for my annual subscription to keep this podcast going.
#207 Posted by TheHT (12682 posts) -

it's the e-shop! did he think jeff was tricking him or something?

#208 Posted by Xander51 (135 posts) -

This is my favorite weekly podcast about the Nintendo online downloads.

#209 Posted by alexfase (53 posts) -

subscribed on itunes!

#210 Posted by Allison (272 posts) -

Oh god Giantbomb is going to split in two
look what you have done

#211 Posted by Shaymarx (131 posts) -
Very clever, very funny.
#212 Edited by Swish (86 posts) -

The sheer apathy toward the questions is proper brilliant

#213 Posted by JacobFromMT (39 posts) -

Yes.    Yes.     Yes. 

#214 Posted by Marokai (3414 posts) -


#215 Posted by TheMathlete (341 posts) -

This is the greatest podcast ever!!!

#216 Posted by Aska (491 posts) -

Man... Jeff.  You can't keep doing this if it means people are just gonna beat up on you.  I felt really bad. 
This is the greatest thing ever.

#217 Posted by Rox360 (1124 posts) -

Oh my god I laughed so much! This got way more depressing way faster than I thought! Awesome.

#218 Posted by jkz (4092 posts) -

I'm just posting here to show my support for this brilliant venture.

#219 Posted by perilator666 (502 posts) -


#220 Posted by Sil3n7 (1352 posts) -

So lets see how long this joke lasts.

#221 Posted by Colin (709 posts) -

Never give up Jeff, NEVER!!!

#222 Posted by YukoAsho (2248 posts) -

*Raises a glass*
I bow before the greatness!

#223 Posted by MEATBALL (4082 posts) -


#224 Posted by Knibbly (125 posts) -

Sad Jeff is sad that his guests were lame today! Keep doing what you do, man.

#225 Edited by ShaunassNZ (2233 posts) -
@Winsord said:

" Best podcast of all time? "

@Dany said:
" Who will prevail? Ryan or Jeff? "
#226 Edited by audiosnag (1604 posts) -

I'm crying listening to this. I'm literally crying. Oh my god. I love you Jeff.

#227 Posted by wumbo3000 (1103 posts) -

the part when brad and vinny are duped is literally the best moment on a podcast ever

#228 Posted by BrechtianDinnerTheater (27 posts) -

The Nintendownload X-Press must never stop. NEVER.

#229 Posted by Vitor (3079 posts) -

Possibly the funniest thing GB has ever uploaded. God DAMN. 
I so hope that Vinny and Brad's utter dejection was in no way staged... Priceless. 

#230 Posted by slashdotdot (110 posts) -

Are you doing this in your work hours?  Do you get paid for this?  Will Ryan kill all of you?
This podcast poses so many questions!

#231 Posted by Anwar (982 posts) -

It's okay, it's seems so awkward, just like the first Tested Mailbag Video, with the odd keyboard-typing from Will Smith at the end of the video, this set-up was weird, I like the podcast from Dr Tracksuit, but the beginning was just meh
 it's needs some time to grow on me if similar stuff keeps happening in this show :S

#232 Posted by RAGEosaurus (128 posts) -

This is the funniest thing GB has ever done. I hope Jeff realises what sort of a monster he's created!

#233 Posted by RoadCrewWorkerer (27 posts) -

I'm not even halfway through and this is already the funniest podcast i've heard in months. Screw the bombcast.

The small titter in Jeffs voice is goddamn brilliant.

Gonna link this fucking everywhere.

#234 Posted by Asadasa5 (80 posts) -

This continues to be one of my favorite things.

#235 Posted by Nasar7 (3044 posts) -

That was great. Really great.

#236 Posted by Jumpify (26 posts) -

So did they know?

#237 Posted by DanK_ (69 posts) -

I salute you!

#238 Posted by DeeGee (2177 posts) -

I am amazed. I love this podcast.

#239 Posted by CoolRssL (26 posts) -

Haha, I'm so glad this exists. I'm not really sure why the others (or possibly just Ryan) hated this part of the regular Bombcast, but I'm really happy that Jeff appreciates the ridiculousness of the Nintendo releases and is working hard to keep this segment alive!

#240 Posted by ParaParaKing (128 posts) -

Love you, Jeff.

#241 Posted by kalmis (1744 posts) -

That was simply awesome. Staged or not.

#242 Posted by JustKamToo (869 posts) -

So when can we expect the 2 hour epic edition?

#243 Posted by MmmSkyscraper (327 posts) -
@Jeff said:

" Internal comments have ranged from "what?" to "shouldn't you be using your time to do something that isn't completely useless? "

Wait, there are productive Whiskey Media staff? Name and shame these charlatans so we may ridicule their misguided endeavours. YES, WITH A U.

#244 Posted by mortal_sb (593 posts) -

oh man! it's 10:40am and this already made my day!

#245 Posted by jdeano (39 posts) -


#246 Posted by joeq1159 (128 posts) -

This is the greatest podcast ever. I laughed so hard I cried. No joke.

#247 Posted by geirr (2939 posts) -

Truly the best 30 minutes... ever.  
Loving the weird metroid / fist2 sound of the tune at 7:40.

#248 Posted by Legend (2700 posts) -
@jvpde said:
" Sad Jeff is sad "
#249 Posted by RazielCuts (3092 posts) -

Just started listening and Vinny was at the conference and they're asking him about the eShop and hes all like 'Whuu?' That was a worthwhile drop in, will listen later.

#250 Posted by twillfast (593 posts) -

Motherf'n beefness. THIS NEEDS TO CONTINUE! Please invite others next week.. maybe send a mail to Reggie?

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