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As a result of events never seen in 2010: The Year We Make Contact, Discovery is on a collision course with one of Jupiter's moons, and as an engineer aboard the craft, it's up to you to make the needed repairs before the imminent impact.

Using a shipboard repair drone dubbed 'WALDO', you must repair the Life-Support, Engine, Communications, Reactor, and HAL Circuits(CITs), by first placing WALDO upon the CIT in question, and scroll through three different pattern screens on the WALDO's readout. By matching the correct screen to the right circuit, you repair the circuit. From there, you guide the power from the left side of the screen, through each CIT and completing the power flow to the exit circuit other end of the screen. As you do this, a Magnetic Flux field can overload CITs, requiring you to perform additional repairs on them, so it is in the player's best interest to guide the power as quickly as possible.

The game closely resembles Electrical Circuit Board Game (1974) designed by Teruo Matsumoto, and this type of puzzle is still is use today, for example the hacking in Bioshock. What 2010 does is add a sense of haste and an additional level of gameplay though the Magnetic Flux Field which moves across the screen quickly and can force you to start the stage from scratch when it blows a circuit.

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