Do you like 3D?

#1 Posted by supermike6 (3779 posts) -
#2 Posted by Red (6146 posts) -

Here's my opinion on 3d: if it adds no extra charge or hassle, and isn't too distracting, sure, I'll use it. 
But do I care much about it if I do? Nope.

#3 Posted by cstrang (2362 posts) -

3d is something that, in my mind, is meant for an occasional spectacle.  I'll go see a movie in 3d once every year or so, but anything more than that is pretty ridiculous.  Like this whole new 3d TV thing can take a long walk off a short pier, if you know what I mean.

#4 Posted by hondorondo (257 posts) -
@Red: oh.. thought that was my opinion.. thanks for pointing out that it is your opinion.
#5 Posted by EvilTwin (3311 posts) -

If I said "no, I think it's stupid" I know I'd only be saying it because I fear change.  On the other hand, I've seen the best 3D movies have to offer at this point (Avatar), and I didn't exactly come out of the theater proclaiming that "3D HAS ARRIVED".  Really, what I'm trying to say is that none of these options fit me.

#6 Posted by ryanwho (12012 posts) -

I like holograms. Until we're looking at holograms at occupy 3d space I don't care about this shit, its been around since the 70s.

#7 Posted by JJOR64 (19610 posts) -

No.  I think it's fucking useless.

#8 Posted by InfiniteGeass (2145 posts) -

I can't even see 3D so no.

#9 Posted by jonnyboy (2867 posts) -

I've never seen a 3D film. Mind you the last film I saw in the cinema was Indiana Jones and the crystal skull, and no amount of 3D was gonna make that any better.

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