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The 2600 version's rather sketchy box art, being of dubious quality for a professional release, as well as the appearance of characters that did not appear within the cartridge (Mario, Luigi, what appears to be a green Pac-Man), is often assumed to be a fake.

The 7800 version is just the 2600 version but relabeled. Due to the 7800's backwards compatibility, though, it was still playable on the 7800.

Most of the games are previous releases for the 2600, while others are renamed and/or sprite edits.

UFORetitled Space Jockey
Fun with Numbers
Flag Capture
Freeway RabbitHacked version of Freeway to include a rabbit as the player character
NFL FootballRetitled Football
FishingHacked version of Fishing Derby. Players catch crabs instead of fish.
Freeway ChickenRetitled Freeway
Sky Diver
Human Cannonball
3-D Tic Tac Toe
ReversiRetitled Othello
Miniature Golf
Slot Racers
Space War
Air-Sea Battle
Slot Machine
Fishing Derby
Laser Blast
Ant PartyRetitled Cosmic Swarm
Home Run

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