different "classes" in campaign for halo 4

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I think that you should be able to have different classes for the campaign in halo 4. When I say different classes, what I mean is that for the fist time you complete campaign on normal you unlock the choice of being an elite/covenant member for this campaign and the elites will have different traits then the Spartans for example they will have health regeneration over time and jump higher. Then when you beat it for the first time on hard you unlock the choice of being a brute which will also have different traits then the Spartans and elites. For example they could have a stronger melee attack then the elites and Spartans and they will have a "rage" mode when their health is low. This rage mode for the brutes could include Temporary power-ups until a source of health regeneration is found. These power-ups could be faster running speed and an even stronger melee attack. Then once you beat it on legendary for the first time you have the choice to be a member of the flood. The flood will also have different traits for example slower running speed but, more health then the Spartans, elites, and brutes. They could also have different starter weapons for each level like you did so in halo 3 with the arbiter and master chief. If you decide to use my idea you could also have achievements related to this for completing the campaign with every class type. If you use this idea will you put my name (Brenden Smith) in the credits under "special thanks to". You do not have to use this idea obviously but as a dedicated halo fan I am recommending it.

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I like the idea of different classes in halo. They kinda tried that for Reach but it wasn't as full featured but in 4. You are going to play as Master Chief, unless there is an early game decision to fix the Chief or something then that could work.

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Firstly, the Brutes are physically better than the Spartans (so should be able to run faster), but mostly do not have shields (except for the chieftains). And Secondly, it seems like a cool idea to have an 'evil campaign' or 'beast campaign' (as I've seen other games) but I don't think 343 will introduce this whole Elite campaign business. They will more likely have different classes (sniper, assault, heavy etc.). And even more likely, they will just use the power-module-things (cloak, jetpack, hologram, those module-things) like Bungie used in Reach.

Playing as the flood would be cool, maybe a L4D-esque versus multiplayer mode? Destroying some N00Bz with an 'evolved' would be nice.

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@TEHMAXXORZ: Oh god don't mention the Flood, I am crossing my fingers hoping they won't show up in anything ever again.

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I think the classes would be cool but maybe not in campaign but in multiplayer kind-of like in halo 3 where you could customize the armor for both spartan and elite but have as many customizations as reach did for the Spartans on everyone and then include the Spartans, Elites, Brutes, Flood, and also Forerunner, cause I would love to see the forerunner in multiplayer also think of the machinima possibilities with those five in the multiplayer.

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