3D Dot Game Heroes coming to North America - Sony

#1 Posted by Diamond (8678 posts) -
Sony says the following from twitter : 
 No need to import - 3D Dot Game Heroes for PS3 is DEFINITELY coming to NA! Spread the word, more to come. 
Personally, I may still go ahead with importing the game.  I think I'll do well enough with my minimum Japanese knowledge, and what are the chances it's coming to NA any time soon?  Either way I'll keep an ear out.
#2 Posted by Steve_C (1768 posts) -

I'd wait and buy the domestic version. Show them that you support them bringing it over.
I hope this comes out in Europe, but i'm still waiting for news on Demon's Souls.

#3 Posted by ParanoidFreak (1485 posts) -

I'm so happy this is coming to NA . I feel like this should be a PSN game though (if it isn't, I'm not quite sure).

#4 Posted by Bucketdeth (8243 posts) -

That game looks really interesting and crazy, I'd like to hear more.

#5 Posted by Linkyshinks (11403 posts) -

Great news. I'm getting a Japanese copy though.

#6 Posted by DanielJW (4932 posts) -

This game looks like Zelda. 
Feel free to quote me on that, I realize that I'm the first to notice.

#7 Posted by Linkyshinks (11403 posts) -

Not just Zelda but many games. Fans of RPG's throughout the ages will recognize many homages to RPG's of the past when playing this game.

#8 Edited by WitchHunter_Z (894 posts) -

Awesome! I'll definitely pick this up, every screen I see of it makes me fall more and more in love with it and it's premise.

#9 Posted by Diamond (8678 posts) -

Confirmed today, Atlus is the company bringing it over.  Release day is May 11th 2010.  Early pricing on retail sites suggests the price will be $39.99!  Read my import impressions, if you dare.

#10 Posted by Oriental_Jams (3072 posts) -

They better bring it to Europe.

#11 Posted by get2sammyb (6686 posts) -
@Oriental_Jams said:
" They better bring it to Europe. "
You can just import the US version though right? It won't be any more expensive than buying it from a European store I shouldn't think (God Of War Collection cost me £26 to import to the UK, which I'd hazard is cheaper than it will be when it launches here in the UK). I dunno, the Euro exchange rate might tweak the value a bit, but certainly if you're in the UK you'll get a decent deal.
Region-free is such a cool feature about the PS3 actually. Especially when Europe often gets screwed. Although things have improved vastly in recent years. Still, stuff like this is where it comes in handy.
I recommend MovieTyme for US importing by the way.

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