3D Dot Game Heroes DLC

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From Software have announced details for a Christmas DLC update for 3D Dot Game Heroes on PS3:  
On December 25th, Japanese players will receive a free update which adds HDD Install and a new loading screen viewer.  
There will also be one pack available to buy, which is priced at ¥250. The pack includes 10 pieces of edit character data and 10 new stages for Block Defence.
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Hmmm, wonder if HDD install will get rid of load screens?
Weird that they're selling character edit data though, as you could just make it yourself.  Wonder if it'll even be the free edit data they put up on their site, or gave away to some people in Japan?

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I don't think they would remove the loading screens.
I doubt it will be the same.  I agree, It is a little odd.

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News today, looks like they indeed are trying to charge 100 yen for things you can download completely for free from the official website :

If you can read Japanese, notice that the paid DLC are the same available free for instant download on the official edit section of the game site.
That's gotta be something new for gaming, trying to get people to pay for something they can do for free with no effort from official sources.
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 Yea, it's ridiculous... 


 DLC Pack 3 & 4  
Pack 3 hits on February 5 and will contain 13 pieces of character data. Pack 4 hits on February 19 and will contain 24 pieces of character data. Pricing is set at, respectively, ¥100 and ¥200.

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@Linkyshinks said:
That pack looks like all new content that was never up for free on their site.
@Linkyshinks said:
According to the official website that is pack 2 and that pack looks like all content that was free on their site.  Pack 4's contents haven't been revealed yet.
Looks like they took down the free downloads, guess they figured out it was a contradiction to sell content and give it away at the same time.
There are still some Japanese websites with user designed designs, some of which are pretty cool.  Honestly even though I downloaded the tank and car (because they're crazy), I really spent all my time playing as a user-made Link or the default characters.  It's a neat concept but it doesn't really add that much.
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in the american release, you can install it, it will still have loading screens but they pass by so fast that you wonder if they are necessary at all, but at least you can try to gues what the game art is to pass the second or two the loading takes...

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