Seriously FUCK the lava temple!

#1 Posted by MrKlorox (11209 posts) -

I swear to god I'm going to put my controller through my absurdly fragile TV (why did durability die with tubes?)!!!!
The way the switches reset every fucking single time you die drives me INSANE!!! I have the boss key but can't for the life of me make it to the boss teleporter switch. Those green ropers are way too strong, leaving me with half a heart every time. I've bought keys and got all the life shards in previous dungeons, bought the silver ring, use my shield, all that shit... and I still die every time! Is there some secret technique I'm missing? Gold ring? Hidden sword with built-in penetration?

#2 Posted by Natsurium (10 posts) -

Not sure what to tell you, surprisingly I have yet to die in that temple despite several close calls with them, and more so on from mode. You should have 3 bottles at that point, so you could abuse a bunch of freeze spells or any healing. What sword are you using? The Holy Sword could help you if you don't have that, and just using your boomerang can go a long way as well. Going in and out a room can sometimes help to respawn them in better positions. As far as I know the green ones are the only ones that do that to you, so try to get hit by anything else if you have to.

#3 Posted by MichelleEaley (52 posts) -

This isn't about the lave temple--Sorry, I just started the game.  Do you know where I can get bombs? Thanks.

#4 Posted by Natsurium (10 posts) -
@Toeflower:  Bombs will be in the 2nd Temple, the Forest Temple.
#5 Posted by Ryax (4630 posts) -

you may hate the lava temple. but i fucking loathe the desert. that fucking puzzle has me lost

#6 Posted by Wintron (1 posts) -

I'm furious my game froze in that fucking temple when I used the sun stone.  I had been playing for quite some time, just popped on over to double check some stuff, then remembered something else, so used my stone and it faded to black and never came back up.  
Maybe I'm spoiled by games auto saving so I don't lose hours of play, but shit, I forget to be too anal about it and snap. 
These look like such big strong hands.

#7 Posted by MichelleEaley (52 posts) -
@Natsurium:   thank you!

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