Some pretty new gameplay videos

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This game keeps getting me more interested in it. I hope it will get translated, and hopefully Nintendo wont sue the shit out of them for looking like Zelda. 
Edit: For fuck sake the editor fucked all the videos, jesus fucking christ. They can be found here.

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Cool, I shall check those out now. 

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Uhh I already posted them in my thread about the game. 

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Didn't see the links, only saw one video on there. So sorry. 
But here is one you don't have on that page. 
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It's funny I just came on here to post a video too.  The video you linked isn't working for me, can you tell me if it's the same as the video on this site?

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Hahaha, I was just watching that video and they make a reference to Zelda, with the typical 'O' Japanese censorship.  Something about the music being like ゼOダ

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No that wasn't the same site, though it was also a japanese one. Think it was something about how the game looked just like Zelda. The video player was really slow on that site, so that may be why it doesn't work for you. 
Edit: This was the site i found the video on.

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