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What'cha gonna do when the hero of destiny runs wild on you? 0

  I felt so hardcore buying 3D Dot Game Heroes. I walked into two different Gamestops, on three different occasions, asking for this title, and none of the store clerks ever heard of the name. My e-penis became quite erect at the prospect of buying a title so niche, so leet, so underground that even the full-time staff of a games store never heard of it. It was like I was sticking it to the man in supporting 3D Dot Game Heroes, despite being published by a big company (Atlus) on a console contr...

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A game so old-school, you'll be wearing parachute pants to dinner 0

If you've played the original Legend of Zelda, then you'll instantly know how to play this game. If you haven't, you'll still know. The game needs no tutorial on how to play. It's the quickest way to just jump right into a game.3D Dot Game Heroes is about a legendary hero that has to save the land from an evil curse that has turned this poor 2D world into a twisted 3D abomination. You'll go from town to town, getting side-quest for the town's folks, while keeping on track with the main quest. Wh...

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Shiny graphics can't hide twenty year old gaming conventions 0

3D Dot Game Heroes is a game without a home. Its charming tilt shifted environments filled with colorful blocky characters could never run on my NES, but the gameplay conventions that it brings with it probably should not exist on any modern console.It sells itself as a lighthearted parody of  The Legend of Zelda brought into 3D and drenched in lighting effects and a heavy layer of gloss. It embraces its blockiness to the point that when you kill an enemy, they shatter into dozens of pixels that...

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3D Dot Game Heroes Review 0

Do you yearn to return to the days of 2D kingdoms where the task of saving the world was in a simply flat world? Well there is a kingdom that once was exactly that, and had a hero who saved the day. People from all over came and visited, but as time went on less and less people showed up until the day that the king of the lands made the decree that everything was to go 3D. Upon that announcement the world shook and everything from cats, dogs, people, and houses rose up and embraced the 3D world....

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Did you like the top down Zeldas? Well then I this is for you! 0

If I were to tell you this is a game where you go on an adventure through seven temples including a water temple, to save a princess and defeat an evil plaguing the land all the while getting helpful support from a fairy companion what might you think? Well thankfully this fairy’s name isn’t Tinkle and this game isn’t Zelda, it only acts like it is. 3D Dot Game Heroes is basically a nudge-wink to the great Zelda games and adventure games in general. The best part is the game is self aware of thi...

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Game Breaking Bug Made Me Quit 0

I just finished playing 3D Dot Game Heroes.I played for three nights. The first night I just started the game and fooled around. The next night I got up to the Aqua temple (7/15ths through the game). The next night (tonight) I got to the end of the Aqua temple and the game crashed as I was leaving the temple and I lost all my progress for the night. I do not tolerate bugs like this, so I'm not interested in continuing the game.There were some things I liked about this game: the quirky graphics a...

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