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3D Movie Maker is a movie making simulator with point and click adventure aspects.  It has a comical theme to it which is geared towards children.  The game takes place entirely within the studio you are making movies in.



McZee, in all his glory.
You can explore the studio of 3D Movie Maker by clicking on various spots on the screen.  The pointer icon usually changes when you mouse over interactive objects, but some, more secret places, will not give an indication of interaction.  Unlike the movie creation sets, the studio environment is not truly 3D.  You see a part of the studio from one angle at a time on a static screen.  McZee, your purple-skinned host with a very large nose, will follow you around the studio as you explore.  He appears in several of the interactive exploration moments of the game and introduces you to new areas.  Another character, Melanie, provides tutorial information in the game.

Movie Creation
You are only limited by your imagination...

When making movies, you are able to choose from a large assortment of sets, scenes, camera angles, actors, costumes, props, and audio clips.  To make movies, an object is placed within the 3D environment of a selected set and scene and an action is assigned to it.  The action continues to loop as long as the left mouse button is held, and the object can also be moved during this time by simply moving the mouse.  As long as there is a frame with an action taking place, that spot in the film can be selected and more objects can be placed to perform actions alongside any other existing objects.  As you rerecord over frames, all other objects perform their actions as well so you are able to track the film’s progression.  Anything in the film other than the static environment is considered an object and thus can have an action assigned to it, including 3D text and audio.  User-created audio via a microphone can also be added.  You may also change sets and/or scenes at any time.  All objects can be placed and moved on an x, y, and z-axis in each environment.

Additional Content

A screenshot of the unofficial Nickelodeon Pack.
Several unofficial content packs and editing tools have been added to the game since release.  Examples include additional objects for movies, such as the Nickelodeon Expansion Pack, and software editing tools for creating your own content for the game.

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