3D Realms Looks to Crowdfund Its Next Game

#101 Posted by Christoffer (2107 posts) -

That sounds like the premise of the hit movie "The Happening".

But I don't actually see this game happening.

#102 Posted by WickedCobra03 (2216 posts) -

I am good. If they were working with gearbox, I would probably be more interested, but this seriously has to be a joke. Duke Nukem Forever didn't even come out under their hands.

#103 Posted by coaxmetal (1752 posts) -

I'm sure this will be successful given 3D Realms' strong track-record of shipping games in a timely fashion.

#104 Posted by YukoAsho (2248 posts) -

@Ghostiet said:

It's somewhat disgusting to me that 3D Realms, of all companies, tries to get on the Kickstarter bandwagon. It may look good and the people actually responsible for making the actual game may be ambitious with a clear goal in mind, but this sounds like an absolute PR disaster.

Pretty much. The idea that another company would be willing to go anywhere near the train wreck is disturbing. If it were me, I wouldn't want my company anywhere near Joker George.

#105 Posted by TheHumanDove (2521 posts) -

Clearly in good hands

#106 Posted by JuggaloAcidman (342 posts) -

I don't think anyone has any faith in 3d realms anymore. Even with Gearbox's help... Duke Nukem Forever was a giant piece of shit. Prey fucking sucked too! Alot of really good developers have been closed over the past few years... The fact 3D Realms still exists is mildly insulting!

#107 Posted by LordAndrew (14591 posts) -

@Neonie said:

Why is this an article about a thing a company is doing on a website without a link to that thing the company is doing on that website? You tell us about them having this on Gambitious but never actually link to the Gambitious page where it is? Why?

There's nothing to link to because it hasn't launched yet. Gambitious projects don't have pages until they go live and start raising funds. You can see it in the Upcoming Projects section, but all you can do is "follow" it.

#108 Posted by WaltJay (20 posts) -

Kickstarter would be more appropriate considering any money you give to 3D Realms should be considered a donation not an investment. Hey, maybe it could be a Playstation 6 launch title!

#109 Posted by YuriAndrogynopov (8 posts) -

Ahahaha what idiot would trust these morons with a single cent

#110 Posted by Slither_Maggot (288 posts) -

@YuriAndrogynopov said:

Ahahaha what idiot would trust these morons with a single cent

Have to agree with you there.

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