My 3DO memories. What were yours?

#1 Posted by lead_farmer (1040 posts) -

I never actually owned a 3DO, but my uncle did, so whenever I was there I played the crap out of it. Now, if somebody could help me, there was some 3DO Star Wars game that started you out in a t-16 and just had the weirdest controls if I remember correctly. I think it was Rebel Assault, but I'm not sure.

I also played a lot of Gex, Crash 'n Burn, Samurai Showdown, and some awful Jurassic Park game that I'm pretty sure had these weird mini-games, one of them requiring you to bounce an egg off of panels that had pictures of dinosaurs in costume. Am I being crazy?

Anybody else have fond or bitter memories of the 3DO?

#2 Posted by lead_farmer (1040 posts) -

Well TNT confirmed Jurassic Park for me. Ugh

#3 Posted by SpaceRunaway (837 posts) -

Yes, that's the first Rebel Assault.  I couldn't say anything about the controls, I played it on PC with a joystick.
I didn't know anyone with a 3DO.  All I remember was thinking that the boxes the games came in were weird.  Been really tempted to get one ever since Ryan mentioned buying one on the bombcast.

#4 Posted by Claude (16254 posts) -

My friend had a 3DO. I thought it sucked except for PGA Tour. My friend bought PGA Tour and I told him and another friend that I was good at golf games. They laughed at me and decided to gamble. I took home over 18 dollars. I told them I was good.

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