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4-in-1 Fun Pak is a board game compilation developed by Beam Software and published by both Interplay (US and EU regions) and Imagineer (Japanese region) for the Game Boy platform.


4-in-1 Fun Pak is a compilation of four classic board games. These games can be played single player against a computer controlled opponent, two player hot seat style with players passing the Game Boy, or two players with a link cable.


The Sargon Chess splash screen

When starting a game of Chess, players can choose the color of the pieces as well as the desired computer controlled opponents difficulty. The computer player is programmed using the Sargon algorithm and players can choose the difficulty between 1 and 6 with 6 being the most difficult.

The rules are the standard rule set for a basic game of Chess in which players take turns moving their pieces and trying to capture the other players king.


In Checkers players can choose the color of their pieces as well as the difficulty again, but this time the difficulty maxes out at 3. The rules in Checkers are the same as the classic board game where players take turns moving a checker and trying to jump the opponents checkers to capture them.


The Backgammon splash screen

Once again players can choose to have either white or black pieces and compete against another player or the computer at Backgammon. Like Checkers, Backgammon has only three difficulty levels. Just like all the other games in this compilation, Backgammon plays like a bare bones version of Backgammon.


Reversi (also known as Othello) is a game in which two players try and get as many of their colored pieces on the board as possible. This game also allows players to choose between black or white pieces and has three difficulty levels.

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