stevemason99's 40 Winks (PlayStation) review

OMG! No reviews for the PS1 legend?!

If you have not played this game then you should do so immediately! It is a childish game to be fair but that was it's target audience. If you enjoy childish humor and uncomplicated adventure then you will love 40 Winks... If you are one of those people that like to over criticise everything and don't feel satisfied with anything then shouldn't have the privelege of being shown the amazing gameplay of this fantastic game because you won't enjoy it anyway...
If you have played this game as a child then you will know why this game is so great... This was one of the foundation childhood games for me and a classic along with Spyro and Crash. I got this the same day as Pong and I spent much more time with this. That shows it's decency to beat a classic such as pong in my eyes. 
Presentation: 5/5   This game presents itself in an amazing way and it almost makes you feel as if you're the one stuck in the dreamland. They couldn't have improved the appeal on this one. Maybe it needed some more popularity though...
Gameplay: 5/5   The transformable characters pretty much sums this up. You want to be an ordinary boy and then suddenly a caveman? I know I do :P (Trust me it's better than it sounds)
Graphics: 4/5    As good as you could expect for the PS1. You could hardly expect HD on this one >.< 
Sound: 3/5   The music didn't really fit to the tone of the game considering it was a game about what goes on in dreams/nightmares. This music sounded childish... too childish even for children. 
 Overall: 4.5/5   Although this game was not the most popular game of all time, it was one of the most playable, for my generations inner child perhaps... Kids these days wouldn't understand why the graphics aren't in HD or why there aren't any guns. They don't realise the games we had to play before they could play all these new technological games. If games like this were not made, we would have very little genre and a lost inner child. This and others like it sculpted us to what we are. We owe it that much.
Posted by dankempster

I'm one of the fellow few who played and enjoyed 40 Winks back in the PS1's heyday. I think it's a game that's very easy to dismiss as a Super Mario 64 knock-off, but there's no denying that it exudes a certain charm. It was colourful, quirky and fun, with some cool Banjo-Kazooie-style character transformations thrown in to mix up the standard-for-its-time collection-based platforming. While I don't agree with your overall score, I do agree that it's an overlooked gem in the PS1's vast library of early 3D platformers, and it definitely holds its own against the Crash Bandicoots, the Spyros, and the Banjo-Kazooies that are significantly better-remembered.

Posted by SteveMason99

It certainly did require more attention from gamers, but because of the slow beginning of the game, many had made their final judgments already. I would never prefer this game to Spyro, but it should be as remembered as those games are. Everybody knows who Spyro and Crash are, but who are Ruff and Tumble? They ask. It certainly deserved more than it received and I would easily recommend this game to anyone that enjoys playing classics. 
I could have reviewed this better but I wasn't thinking as I was writing. Maybe I'll go back and edit it soon so it can get the justice that it deserves. I have nothing but praise for this game. I can only criticise those that haven't played it.

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