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The Games 

As suggested by the title, this game is a compilation of five "hits". 


This is a simple match-two card game with three difficulty levels. It can be played alone for high-score (with bonus points for consecutive scores, or "combos"), or with a friend via hot-seat multiplayer. 


You are given fifteen squares on a 4x4 square grid and must re-arrange them in the correct order by shuffling one square at a time into the single empty space. On the easiest difficulty, the squares are numbered one through fifteen. On the hardest mode, the fifteen squares compose an image that you must decipher. A score is given based on the time taken to complete the puzzle. 


This is identical to the classic card game installed by default on nearly every Windows PC in the world, with some control adjustments to work with the PSP's D-pad and buttons. There are two levels of difficulty, which only determine whether you draw one card or three cards at a time from the deck. High score is determined by the time taken to complete a game. 


 A single- or two-player billiards game. When played alone, the game scores you for sinking balls, with combos awarded for sinking multiples with one shot and chains awarded for consecutive sinks. The two-player hot-seat mode appears to follow standard 8-ball rules, but it does not indicate the score of either player and seems to declare a winner at random. 


The closest thing to an original game in the entire package, Tetroid is an Arkanoid-style brickbreaker laid out horizontally. In single-player the bricks "descend" towards the paddle at a steady pace, with new bricks emerging from the right of the screen. There is a two-player simultaneous mode where each controls a paddle on either side of the screen, similar to Pong. Columns of bricks scroll across the center of the playing field for added challenge. 


While Playstation Minis are restricted from having any sort of online connectivity, the game still features an online leaderboard maintained by the game's developer. The game generates a code based on the player's scores. Users register for an account on the developer's website and then enter the game's score code, thus posting their scores to the leaderboard.

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