Yo Fifty! Yo game is only $40 for today only!

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Do you like being a gangster?  Do you like to jump over big ass ramps?  Well for today only, you can pick up 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand for $40.  This game is today's Amazon Video Game Deal of the Day.


I'm actually thinking of getting it.  With all the buzz around the game, I heard it was solid.  Anyways, thought I would share this with you guys if you wanted to be a gangster (raper) in a video game.

EDIT: It's only the Xbox 360 version.   :-(

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you forgot: Do you like shooting helicopters with rocket launchers?   :P

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@JJWeatherman:  My bad.  :-P
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Yo fiddy, sorry i don't want your game for 40 bucks, maybe 20.

next time fiddy!
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I will buy it when it drops to $0.50

get it? get it?
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I just got my copy in the mail yesterday...ordered a new copy off of eBay for $18. It was quite the steal if I don't say so myself.

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