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A hilarious over the top game

50 Cent: Blood on the Sand is ridicules, and very often is a hilarious mess of stereotypes and parodies of modern action games like Gears of War. The story is mostly nonsense, after performing concert in an unnamed middle eastern country, 50 and his G-Unit crew (comprised of Dj Who Kid, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks) got stiffed of their payment, but instead was given a diamond encrusted skull that’s later stolen by a high powered gang of mercenaries.

The story is silly. “That muthafucking bitch stole my fucking skull”! You’ll hear 50 and the G-Unit spurt out vulgarity like this all the time in this adventure, so you know Fiddy is totally serious. This just goes to show the overall tone of the game. In addition to the heavy arcade presence (points being tallied after kills, and combos are a heavy focus, similar to The Club) you’ll hear a lot of “pussy”, “fuck”, and all sorts of horrible dialog, if you can gt over the constant use of the f, and n-word, it’s hilarious and over-the-top fun. “This bitch stole my skull!”

The gameplay is borderline standard, but if you can overcome some questionable quality in parts, you should have a good time. In typical Gears fashion, you’ll move from cover to cover shooting fools with sub-standard weaponry. What Blood on the Sand does have is online only co-op, which is the only real way to have fun with this game so you and your buddy can laugh together.

I know it’s unusual to focus mainly on the aesthetics of the game, but its the only thing keeping Blood on the Sand afloat. If it didn’t have its insane gangsta nature it would just be mediocre. This 50 Cent game is surprisingly fun for a by-the-books arcade shooter, but does enough to add its own flavor. By no means pay full retail price for this game, because it is only a six hour experience. If you can get a buddy to rent this game with, it’s easy to recommend.


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