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50 Cent Blood of the Sand not too bad

My latest rental and probably one of the shortest games recently is 50 Cent Blood in the sand. Total of 9 chapters, 7 taking up about a hour each and a couple vehicle levels which blow by pretty quick. (I read somewhere he was shot 9 times and that is why there are 9 chapters, really?) Anyway, I always heard that the original one Bulletproof was one of the worst games out there but most reviews I saw said this sequel was a fairly fun game.

I have to agree this was a fun game and it looked pretty good. It plays like part Army of Two and The Club. You probably would get the most fun out of this playing co-op as one of 50’s G-unit members. The scoring scenarios was fun and pushed you to do certain things in gameplay like shoot 3 thugs before 20 seconds is up or get to some defined area before the clock ran out. This added to your point total as well as finding hidden posters, cash and targets. Some scenarios will even give you explosive rounds which were some of the most fun in the game.

I had some success at finishing the scenarios, finding the posters but absolutely no luck at finding the hidden targets. Some you just have to be looking the right way or angle to see the yellow and black target. Although I never really got a super high score at the end of the levels it was fun and gave a arcade type feel to the game.

As for the bad it was pretty quick and only kept me busy a couple days, also I think I am completely burned out on listening to rap music. I don’t listen to much rap if any but I think I reached my threshold of pain, but to others who are 50 cent fans this new music would be a plus.  

Also the G-unit member your are paired with gets annoying saying fiddy this and fiddy that, should have checked the options on that to turn it off. I know 50 cent was probably more involved with this game but is this how he wants himself portrayed? I know he has to keep up his gangsta cred but he really comes off as a jerk that keeps saying where’s mah money!

Definite rental but don’t buy this. But one theoretical question…  Why did this not come out at $50? Sheesh 50 cent, $50 price point that could have been huge!

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