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50 Cent - Blood on the Sand - Review

50 Cent - Blood on the Sand is a surprisingly good game. Yes I know I can’t believe it either. In all honesty we were not expecting big things from this game as 50’s previous game was terrible. So terrible that I’m not even going to mention the title of it. All you need to know is that 50 is back with an action shooter that is fun on many levels.

The game starts off with 50 performing a concert somewhere in the . After the show 50 goes to collect his cash however the promoter doesn’t have the funds. He offers 50 something far greater than money, something that is priceless. A diamond encrusted female skull! Yeah ok, I know the story sound shocking but trust me it works. Anyway 50 leaves with his skull however doesn’t get far as he is ambushed and the skull is taken away from him. You spend the majority of the game trying to get your prize back.

The action in Blood on the Sand is great. The shooting feels spot on and the game looks great on the unreal 3 engine. Its basically Gears of War just not as polished. Its got similar cover mechanics like Gears and again it doesn’t feel as responsive, still a heap of fun to play.

The sound is great with tracks from 50 playing in the background as you go about your business of blowing people into pieces. Blood on the Sand is a relatively short game however short does not mean bad, in fact this game is a fun arcade feel shooter that is sure to please all that play it.

Gameplay = 7.5
Visuals = 8
Sound = 7.5
Game Now Score = 7.6/10
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