finaldasa's 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand (Xbox 360) review

50 Cent fails so hard its not bad

After Bulletproof it seemed that as long as you pandered to the right crowd hard enough it doesn't matter how bad the game is. Only problem is people can and will catch on quick to how bad something is, which leaves the bad taste of Bulletproof all over 50 Cent's new game, Blood on the Sand. 

I can envision 50 Cent sitting down in a room describing the best game ever, running around killing random goons with guns in what he must consider the most gangster place on earth. Along with him would be a member of G Unit blasting away and providing priceless advice like "lay down 50!". And that, somehow, made this an amazing game. Often times developers forget to add fun into video games because they are so wrapped up in a new feature or blowing us away.

So, for once, 50 got it right. Run around, shoot guys, take cover in a very basic cover system, and did I mention shoot guys? It does get annoying when 10 shots don't kill someone, then I realized an RPG just bounced off of 50's chest. And with small hidden items like targets to shoot, and some hardcore posters to collect which only provide some re-playability.

At the end of the day 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand is a rental. With co-op only online and the unlockables nothing special (50 Cent music videos? It's called youtube...) this can provide a lot of laughs and a lot of fun in the few days you have it. Just don't forget to return it to Blockbuster, otherwise they may charge you $50 and you would end up owning this! *shudders*

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