dimsey's 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand (PlayStation 3) review

Way, way, way too short. But it's a fun ride while it lasts.


  • The games over the top nature makes it easy to get into whether you're a 50 Cent fan or not.
  • If you ARE a 50 Cent fan theres unlockable music videos and such which you'll probably enjoy.
  • Ragdolls seem virtually weightless so the way they fly back when you shoot them is amusing and satisfying.
  • Cuss button, heh.


  • The game is pitifully short. I finished it in just under five hours on normal difficulty and I'm not that great at shooters, honestly.
  • Vehicle sections aren't that good.
  • Helicoptor bosses. At least four of them. Not very creative. One fine, two maybe but four? C'mon. How about a tank or something at least?

So rented 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand today.
And I'll apparently be returning it tomorrow.
It turned out to be a short one.

You all know the deal right now.
50 gets screwed out of payment for a gig in nameless middle eastern country, at least I didn't hear a name - and so the guy gives him this skull adorned with diamonds and whatnot.
50 is satisfied with this. But then some dudes ambush them and steal the skull.
50 gets pissed and kills a bunch of dudes and blows up numerous helicopters to get it back.
There isn't much of a story, but it's excuse enough to shoot some folk.

The shooting of folk in this game is quite satisfying as well.
The guns sound like well, guns. Theres something in how they sound that's satisfying.
And the bad guys rag dolls well, they're virtually weightless.
You shoot guys and they fly backwards real far, it's quite satisfying.

It plays a bit like Gears of War with a dash of The Club thrown in.
You're taking cover and poking your head out occasionally to shoot guys, but you get more points if you kill a bunch of dudes in a row - making a combo - or more points blowing a bunch up - or more points fulfilling kill conditions that pop up quite frequently.
Like you may be asked to kill all the grenadiers in the area and doing so quick enough will get you more points.

Theres a few vehicle sections for varieties sake.
The vehicles handle kind of poorly though and I often found myself hitting something and that would turn me and face me the wrong way so I was constantly.. Spinning to find the right direction.

One of the vehicle sections occur inside a helicopter. I guess flying in one makes a change of pace from blowing them up, cause you spend an awful lot of time blowing up helicopters.
In fact pretty much every boss is in a helicopter, so keep that RPG in handy.

The games a lot of fun, but it's over all too soon.
I clocked in at just under five hours. I played on normal. And I generally suck at shooters.
If you'd consider yourself good at them I might recommend playing on hard if you want to wring every last drop of fun out of it or it'll be done before you know it.

So yeah. Definitely an ideal game for rentals.
I'm not sure I'd recommend it for purchase.
I suppose if you were a 50 Cent fan you'd get more out of it then me.
I'm not. I was looking for a good, dumb, fun shooter and this has that so even if you're not a fan of him or his music you can still get something out of it.

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