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OutOfBounds9000 reviews,50 Cent Blood on the sand.

When i first saw the package,i thought,this game looks kinda like a game like GTA,sweet!But no,this game is not like GTA at all.I started the game and well,it went well in the beginning,well first when you pick New Game,you can pick of 3 sidekicks:DJ Whoo-Kid,Lloyd Banks,and Tony Yayo.But those sidekicks seem not to do anything for you.I started the game and well,all the sidekicks did was stand on my shoulders so they can come up to high places,and help you open gates.not much else.They are useless in combat.The graphics are okay,but the gameplay sucks.The whole game is about a diamond skull,50 cent wants it.But it gets stolen.This is where the game begins.every level you can find packages to get money and respect(The G in the right upper corner)and find posters to get respect.The game is tricky and takes a lot of training.The health is slowly going upwards when you have lost health.

This is why i give this game a 2 star.


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