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From the Game's Introduction:7th Legion Narrator: Years of overpopulation and pollution brought the balance of the world's eco-system to a critical level.

The Chosen Narrator: The many industrial phases of humanity ravaged our Earth.

Legion: As the remaining people began to panic, the world governments revealed to them a plan that would take millions of people in massive transports into space. The time came for the ships to depart, thousands were slaughtered and widespread panic broke out as people realized they hadn't been chosen. Only the smart, powerful and rich would be allowed-

Chosen: Only the WORTHIEST specimens would be allowed to leave the planet.

Legion: The ships took off, abandoning the planet.

Chosen: Our ancestors depart...into the blackness of space. Their lives sacrificed for the good of mankind.

Legion: The scattered tribes of those left behind formed seven legions...

Chosen: Unforseen consequences required us to enhance the fragile human frame to withstand the rigors of space.

Legion: The events of centuries ago plowed into myth and legend, the most well known of these tells of the returning: a time of war, when the Chosen come back to claim the Earth.

Chosen: Centuries had come and gone, it was time to return!

Legion: There will be three signs that anyone can see. The first of these is a night without darkness...the second is a day without light...the final sign is the rain of fire; seven of our greatest legions unite! To fight the Chosen and keep the Earth we have RIGHTEOUSLY inherited! You command the greatest tribe, bestowed with honor of being called...the 7th Legion.

Chosen: You...our 15th generation, your whole lives have been shaped for this moment. It is your destiny. You...are the Chosen!

Overview7th Legion is an RTS game where two warring factions battle over control of Earth. The Chosen, who abandoned the planet when it was clear that the environment couldn't sustain it, and the 7th Legion, who were the ones left behind. The game was somewhat unique in that it introduced cards that could be played for different effects on the battle field (the AI also had these cards in the single-player campaign), and while it features standard RTS base building, there is no traditional resource gathering, rather you gain money automatically by regular intervals and get bonuses by killing enemy units and structures. The unit designs closely resemble Warhammer 40,000 units.

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