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8t88 is an information broker basing his operations on the "Smuggler's Moon," Nar Shaddaa. He was hired by a Dark Jedi named Jerec to locate the Valley of the Jedi. His quest for this information leads him to recover a data disk from Morgan Katarn's home, who had been murdered by Jerec. 8t88 was reasonably sure that the disk held the Valley's location, but could not decode it, much to his dismay.

He had a meeting with Morgan's son, Kyle Katarn, questioning him about the Valley. Kyle refused to help him and 8t88 ordered his lackeys to attack, though the ex-soldier Kyle Katarn had little trouble mocking up the disorganized thugs and 8t88 fled.

Kyle caught up with 8t88 just as he was boarding his ship and attempting to escape. A well-placed blaster shot from Kyle took off 8t88's arm, which held the stolen data disk. 8t88 lost the disk, but managed to keep himself mostly intact and escaped.

Luckily for 8t88, Jerec and his followers managed to find a map to the Valley of the Jedi hidden in the roof of Morgan Katarn's home. 8t88 fitted himself with a replacement arm and got to work deciphering the map they had found. He managed to decipher it and stored the data in his memory banks. 8t88 sent to data to Jerec aboard his starship, the Vengeance. Jerec was pleased and told 8t88 to travel to the world of Sulon and receive his reward. There, he found two Dark Jedi in Jerec's employ, Gorc and Pic, whom he demanded his payment from. Unfortunately 8t88, he had outlived his usefulness to Jerec and was decapitated by Pic.

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