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So I just finished this fantastic game and I know it's meant to leave some interpretation to the players but there's just some things that shakes me to the very core.

First, What if it's possible to fail the puzzle at the end? Would that mean that Akane would just die/disappear?

Second, The ending cut off the last statement: "there's another logical explanation" or something like that. What was that about? Did Seven intended to deceive Junpei all along? As the game said there's some historical discrepancy if Seven is telling the truth.

These are some questions I need the answer to. I might add more after I pondered on the story some more. Any response would be greatly appreciated.

#2 Posted by killacam (1319 posts) -

@RedCream: If junpei had failed the sudoku puzzle at the end, that june would cease to exist in junpei's present because she would have been killed by the incinerator in the past. those parts where she gets feverish is her fading away from existence, since during those sections you are straying from the path that leads to the true ending.

Uchikoshi said that the ending part with seven is left to interpretation... either he was faking memory loss, or he didn't actually see june's dead body, or... some crazy time paradox that i don't want to think about.

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