This game looks pretty interesting, Gamespot gave it an 8.5

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Randomly found this game on Amazon last week, and it had gotten pretty good user reviews so I got it. I love DS adventures so it was disheartening that this game seemed totally off the radar. However Gamespot just put up a review of the game. Check it out if you're interested.

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I played a demo of it awhile back. I liked it, then again I am a sucker for escape the room type games ever since Crimson Room.  
From the random tweets I have been receiving via twitter, this game apparently has an awesome story. 
Hopefully sometime soon I will be picking this game up.

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I bought it on Amazon after reading user reviews, I have it now but haven't played it yet. Was really surprised to see the review on the front page of Gamespot.

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I also picked this game up from Amazon.  They were/are having a buy one get one half off on a whole mess of games.  I only played like 20 mins so far but am liking it.  Hopefully the guys see this maybe there could be a quick look in the future.  This seems like a Vinny game.  

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You can't really have a quick-look of this game without spoiling a lot of things in it. SO I doubt we'll see one. 
UGH, but I want this game so bad. This and Ghost Trick!

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@ESREVER:   Oh yeah, forgot about Ghost Trick. It seems like there are so many under-the-radar, Japanese-made adventure games like this. Games that get good reviews from the people that play them, but that you don't know about unless you are actively searching for those types of games for the DS. I guess because they are not nearly as popular over here.
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I've played about 2 hours of it and love it. Great story, great puzzles, and a really interesting concept.

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Yeah, beat this a couple weeks ago and it really is an amazing game.

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@matrix_hiei:@yoshimitz707: Ok, then, it's settled. This is the next game I will play on my DS. I'm going on a trip tomorrow, and I've been agonizing over what to bring with me. 999 it is!
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Ending #6: Holy shit.
EDIT: Turns out ending #6 is one of the least "holy shit" endings out there. This game one-ups itself constantly, in ways that make your previous "holy shit"s seem like "eh"s. That "holy shit" I typed up there? I'm embarrassed to even look at it. Pathetic.

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You can get it imported from for 35 bones if you live in the UK, looks like the only way we can get it.

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i'm trying the demo right now and i think i'm too stupid for that game 
i don't get it. 
edit: nah nvm, just didn't look close enough

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I had some leftover money I got for Christmas so I used it to buy this game.
It looks good, I'll play it once I get through the rest of the games I got.

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This is one of the best games I have played. By far the best DS game I have played. I stayed up nearly every night getting all the endings, and going to work sleep as hell. Up to the end of the true of ending it was absolutely fantastic and I will not be able to forget it.  
I was shocked because normally I hate games that look overtly Japanese/ Cutesy. But, the writing really did make up for it ten fold.
 Have to like it more as an interactive book than a game however to enjoy it. Have to dedicate a lot of time to it too (some text sections take an hour to get through); and patience enough to beat at least 2 endings.

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