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999 Delivers on ALL Fronts!

I completed the game with all the endings during a weekend marathon and it was a AMAZING experience. This is one of the most well-written, well planned and most thought-provoking games I've played this year. In fact, it's probably one of my all time fave games in the patheon of awesome story-focused games. Why? Let me explain.

The game is filled with a cast of amazing characters and concepts that will make your head spin. Not only are the characters all distinctive and interesting, but they're also very well developed. What makes them great is that they're all not as they seem. They're unpredictable and what they say or do completely breaks apart the tropes we're used to. These characters are smart and that is refreshing to see. They make smart suggestions and comments with the tasks they're given. Characters that have common sense? Yea, it's unusual and great to see here. There is a lot of great dialogue too and some really great humor which is sparse but welcome. The game is very dark and creepy at times so any bit of humor helps. I have to tell you that some of the sexual innuendo and puns are fantastic. Great localization!

The puzzles are also great (most of the time). The majority of them are basic logic and problem solving. They're not the type of puzzles that you would see in Layton save for a few handful. The majority are puzzles that require detective work in examining the locations and items you find. They make sense and made the puzzles fun to figure out. I HATE math and I even enjoyed the puzzles that involved numbers which surprised even me. Maybe a small handful of puzzles stumped me and they were because they're a type of puzzle I always hated and avoided. But other than that, it was fun.

Before I end my impressions, I have to tell everyone who plays this game to get ALL the endings. DO NOT PLAY THIS ONCE, especially if you get a bad ending. The multiple endings are integral to the overall story. The branching paths will give you a ton of info and insight into the characters and situations you were probably confused about at first. But once you find all the regular endings and get the True ending, it'll all make sense. OH MY GOD, what an ending! Be prepared to have your mind blown and have your brain messed with. It was amazing and totally worth it. By the time it ended, I was thinking about everything I experienced. I even went to look up all the real world theories and lore they mentioned in the game. It's really intriguing stuff.

Overall, amazing story, amazing characters and spectacular writing. One of the best games this year and one of the best experiences I've had with a game of this type. If you loved games like the Ace Attorney series or Hotel Dusk but with a more mature darker theme and some wild twists, then check it out. MUST PLAY.

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Posted by RecSpec

Need something to bide my time before Ghost Trick comes out. This sounds interesting. The only thing that concerns me is that you fully completed it in a weekend. Hard to justify putting money down on something you can fully complete in a weekend.

Posted by wolf_blitzer85

Hmm. Never even heard of this, then again DS games aren't quite covered that well here on GB. 
This game sounds like something that I would enjoy quite a bit, so I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the heads up!\
Congrats on making the front page too duder!

Posted by SpunkyHePanda

Just when you think you're beginning to get a firm grasp on what's really going on in this game, it gets all up in your face and blows your mind. This happens about a hundred times. Play it and finish it. True ending, or you will have wasted your time.

Posted by demontium

Man, I wish there wasn't a pile of other games I wanted.

Posted by RecSpec

That's a shame, apparently this game is rare as FUCK. 
Amazon has it starting at 89.99. 

Posted by LiK
@RecSpec: The only reason that happened was because I played it nonstop for 3 full days...literally. It happened with all the Ace Attorney games too. Once I start these games, I don't stop!
Posted by drag

Nice to see this game getting more attention and reviews these days, more and more people are hearing about it and playing it it seems. I didn't think it was as amazing as everyone else seems to, but it's certainly a well put together game I'd happily recommend. 

Posted by weegieanawrench

This sounds like a great reason to boot up my DS. I do enjoy crazy twisted plots and characters so I think I'll give this one a try. If I can find it... 
Great review duder, keep up the good work!

Posted by StarFoxA

Wow, how have I not heard of this before? I must get this!

Posted by RecSpec
@LiK: Sounds like how I would play an Ace Attorney game. That's good news for me. 
Found a place to pick it up for cheap, can't wait to try it out.
Posted by LiK
@wolf_blitzer85: Thanks, pretty damn cool. :)
Edited by PixelPrinny

Good write-up and all, but umm.... what is the game about? You spent lots of time lavishing praise on the characters, the story, the endings, and the puzzles, but never mentioned anything that actually happens in the game or what everything revolves around. @.@  
From the comparisons you made in the last sentence of your write-up, I take it that it's a mystery in the same vein as Ace Attorney, which certainly has piqued my interest.

Edited by bchen42
@PixelPrinny:  The game kind of has a saw-esque feel.  You follow the character Junpei, a teenager, who wakes up trapped with 8 other people (so 9 total) in this strange labyrinth of a boat.  Each of them are assigned a number, 1-9, and there are also doors labeled 1-9 throughout the boat.  The "Jigsaw" of the boat, Zero, tells them that they all have bombs in their stomachs that self-destruct if they don't follow the rules of the "Nonary Game", a number game involving their assigned numbers and some arithmetic.  From there, you're basically trying to figure out how to escape, why they were chosen to play this game, who Zero is, and basically wtf is going on.  The story really is very intricate and interesting.
@RecSpec: I also completed it in a weekend.  I don't remember putting my DS down the entire time.
The only complaint I have is the replaying some areas, since you have to play through the game at least twice to get the "true" ending, as essential as it may be.  Even with the fast forward, it was a little annoying.
Edited by LiK
@PixelPrinny: The main reason I didn't go into specifics about the plot or story is because I wanted this review to be 100% spoiler-free. If you wanted an overview of what the game is about, you can find it in the "Overview" section of this game space. Someone wrote a summary of the plot there. I simply wanted to share my enjoyment of the game. 
@bchen42: Whoa, I think you're revealing a lil too much about what happens early in the game...
Posted by PixelPrinny
@bchen42: Wow, that sounds really neat. You pretty much had me sold on it by just saying "Saw-esque feel". Thank you for the description :D Here's hoping I can find it locally.
Posted by StarwindX9

I just beat the game moments ago and had to immediately dive in for all the other endings... its so good!

Posted by LiK
@StarwindX9: Damn right! ^^
Edited by eroticfishcake

Huh. I haven't picked up my DS in a while and this sounds really intriguing. Cheers for the review, think I'll pick this up when I get the chance. 
Edit: Also, it'll be nice of you to fill out the wiki page for this game if you've the time. Otherwise I'll just do it myself later.

Posted by LiK
@eroticfishcake: Feel free to contribute to the wiki if you like. GB is open to all. I'll contribute if I find any errors or if there's something that comes to mind. :)
Posted by cherub09

I bought this game about a month ago, and was hoping to play it over Christmas break. Glad to see lots of people are enjoying the game :)

Edited by Gerhabio
@LiK:  So where did you buy this? I want it!
Good review, by the way!
Posted by robdburrows

I just purchased this game on ($40 - New) because of your glowing review. Thanks

Posted by bchen42
@LiK:  Sorry if you feel I was revealing too much information Lik.  I just figured I didn't leak too much since you learn all that in like the first 10 minutes of the game haha.  If I could have worded it better I would have.  =\
Posted by LiK

@G3RHRT: You can buy this from Amazon or Aksys official store from their site. Amazon restocked recently. Go go go!

@robdburrows: Great! :D

@bchen42: Ah yea, I'm personally sensitive about the specifics. But since it got someone interested in the game more, no big deal. ^^

Posted by LordAndrew

I need to get this game. I left it off my Xmas list because the reviews available at the time were insufficient for me to make a proper decision. But now everyone seems to love it, so I'm going to have to get it myself.

Posted by LiK
@LordAndrew: Hell yes.
Posted by Mcfart

I agree, this game is amazing. Check out Ever17 as well, same scene writer. Don't play it if drunk, or your head will explode.

Posted by LiK
@Mcfart: YEA, I heard about this game when I wanted to know more about 999 after beating it. I'm definitely gonna check it out. :D
Posted by Mcfart

You definitely should. Starts off a little slow, but man, the final ending will twist your brain in ways you didn't know it could. Since it has one of 999's writer's, this also has the cool intermingling endings as well.

Posted by snake911

 Wow, sounds like a great game!  Thanks for creating this review and bringing the game into the spotlight!

Posted by LiK
@Mcfart:  Damn, seems like the English version is OOP tho....I guess there are other ways....
@snake911: You're welcome! ^^
Posted by Rhonos

Simply amazing, was hoping it would make DS GotY.
Great review!

Posted by Mcfart
@LiK said:
" @Mcfart:  Damn, seems like the English version is OOP tho....I guess there are other ways....
@snake911: You're welcome! ^^ "
KID is out of buisness, sadly =(, you'd be hard pressed to buy it without going into triple digits.
Posted by Dangazzm

I'm sold now. Thanks for the review I hope its kinda like Ace Attorney like you said, I LOVED that series.

Posted by wordfalling

Great review and so far a very entertaining game. Purposefully gotten the three "bad" endings, figure I'll crank out the "normal" and "true" tomorrow. Man, that axe ending, saw it coming but damn.

Posted by LiK
@wordfalling:  Yea, that Axe ending still creeps me out. I couldn't sleep after getting that. *shudders* You got a lot of awesome moments you haven't seen yet. Enjoy!
@Dangazzm: Hell yea, AA lovers will not be disappointed. ^^
Posted by Apathylad

I'm just gonna leave this here: 

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