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The IGLA portable air defense missile system was developed by the Soviet KBM. The company, known as Kolomna Machine-Building Design Bureau in English, was one of the state defense companies existing in the former Soviet Union. One of their designs was the 9K38: an infrared, homing, and man-portable SAM (surface-to-air) missile launcher. Intended to strike targets both head-on and in pursuing roles, the Igla, as it is identified by NATO is a formidable weapon, even with its age. The Igla was introduced in 1983.


Target engagement altitude: 10 - 3,500m 
Target engagement range: 500 - 5,200m
Time into action: up to 13s
Missile (9M39)
       caliber: 72mm
       length: 1.574m
       weight: 10.6kg
       avg flight speed: 570m/s
       warhead self-destruct time: 14 - 17s
       warhead: HE fragmentation
       homing head: thermal, passive

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