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A moderate overhaul to the original game, this v1.5 release tweaked the original version's sound, menu graphics, and added two playable campaigns.
The sound changes were minor but certainly notable. The explosions, in particular, were enhanced, as was the menu music. The in-game background music was removed to increase realism. An FMV was added to the game's into, as opposed to still shots in the original.
The most obvious addition was two playable campaigns. The first was a continuation of the hypothetical Cold War-Gone-Hot conflic between NATO and the Warsaw Pact in Eastern Europe. This had previously been available from Dynamix either directly or via the bulletin board systems of the day (remember, before the Internet was big?) However, this distribution system didn't see these missions into many hard drives. This expansion finally brought them to a larger audience.
The second, all-new campaign took place in the real-life conflict of Desert Storm in 1991. The player takes part in the liberation of Kuwait from Iraq. Although the basic polygon graphics remained the same, desert colors were added to the landscape for obvious reasons. The GUI menus were also skinned with the "chocolate chip" desert camouflage worn by US forces at the time.

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