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Kappa is one of many kappas, or water sprites, that lives deep below in the various watery surfaces of the world. Because of his fascination with humans, Kappa decides to embark on a journey to the human world. Along the way, he stops by the legendary Kappa Cove and meets Chumfish, who leads him to the Kappa Trail where his journey truly begins.


 Interactive title: eat fish and swim
Going through four stages per world, including a boss stage, the player guides the hero named Kappa along the map with lines created with the stylus. These lines are limited by a meter on the bottom of the top screen that slowly fills up as Kappa moves.  
Lines can be continued from their end points so that no interruption of guiding occurs, and Kappa's movement may be stopped at any time by pressing of the scissor's button on the top right-hand of the screen. The goal in each stage is to get to the next pond, which is constantly displayed on the DSi's top screen, without dying or being caught by a Devil Hand.

Items and Devices

 A generator in use
Kappa uses several important bits of the world, including generators, switches, Super Cucumbers, and coins.  
Generators have giant light bulbs attached to them that light up dark areas and are activated once rapidly tapped with the stylus.  
Switches are normal press switches that activate once Kappa is standing on one. These, in turn, activate beneficial things, such as bridges, as well as traps like giant boulders that only go away once tapped a certain number of times.  
Super Cucumbers are restorative items that revitalize Kappa's health. Cucumbers can be found throughout levels whenever Kappa is down on his heart meter.
Coins are used for shopping for paintings, Fate Orbs, and Kappa Cassettes at the Chumfish Shack and can be collected by walking over them. The items purchased at the Chumfish Shack can be viewed and listened to in the Sea Bedroom along with Kappa's stats. 


 Concept art of a Devil Hand
Players also need to ward off the Devil Hand that follows Kappa's drawn trail and grabs him once reached, instantly sending him back to the start of the level unless otherwise in possession of a fate orb, which has Kappa continue the level from where he left off.  
The Devil Hand are warded off with the help of red mini kappas. Lesser enemies such as giant bees and skeleton fish, can only be destroyed with black mini kappas or the touch of the stylus. 

Mini Kappas

The various mini kappas found in A Kappa's Trail
Several mini kappas come to aid Kappa throughout his journey, including red ones that fight off the Devil Hand, black ones that fight off lesser enemies, yellow ones that brighten dark areas, blue ones that dig up coins and Super Cucumbers, and purple ones that use themselves as bridges as well as several other kappas that perform other functions. These kappas are activated by either tapping them with the stylus or walking over them.


A Kappa's Trail Contains three mini games that are unlocked through keys found throughout the levels. These games include Plate Master, Devil Hand Dungeon, and Trial of Tiles.  
Trial of Tiles 
Trial of Tiles has Kappa travel from each panel in numerical order in order to reach the goal before the floor collapses or the time runs out.
Devil Hand Dungeon involves saving a mini kappa before the time runs out while collecting as many coins as possible. The kappa can be saved at anytime by pressing the red switch to change places with it, but as the time draws closer to the end, more coins pop up, enticing players to collect rather than rescue.  
 Plate Master
Plate Master revolves around counting red, yellow, and white plates after being shown them for a brief period of time. The head kappa sushi chef of the Kappa's Cove's sushi restaurant then asks players how many plates of a certain color there were and has them input numbers in a calculator provided.

This game is priced at 500 points.

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