Am I the only person in the world excited about this?

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#1 Posted by ProfessorEss (7952 posts) -

It's been sittin on NinjaBee's site listed as Q4 2010 forever so I was obviously excited to see it replaced with a "December 22nd" as opposed to what I assumed would be an "Early 2011".
Am I the only one who was shocked at how entertaining A Kingdom for Keflings was?
And am I the only person excited for this one?

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Nope, I am getting this day 1 as well. Loved the first game and have been following this one for a while. Split-screen co-op is going to be a blast to play this time around.

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Nope, I really enjoyed playing the first one. I can't wait for this one to be release on the xbox market place.

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Ditto, enjoyed the first one but forgot completely about it coming out in Dec. Waiting on holidays to see if getting XBL MS points to grab this but definitely will get it after the holiday chaos.

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#6 Posted by JacDG (2180 posts) -

the first game had absolutely stunning music, that's all I remember about it, what is new in this one? Besides other worlds/parts of the world to explore?

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What? I don't even know this game :P. Is that bad?

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I grabbed it this morning and tho I haven't played much yet (pesky employment) so far it's delivering what I wanted - more of the same :)
It also opens with some pretty awesome and funny Canadian stereotyping (courtesy of two Kefling brothers named Bob and Doug) which is always a big plus in my books.

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#9 Posted by Cincaid (3051 posts) -

I have honestly no idea what this game is. :(

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#10 Posted by Wezmon (32 posts) -

I'm definitely stoked for this one. Just have to wait till I get back from holidays to get into it, though.
If anyone wants to send me a friend request, I'd be down for some co-op play, achievement hunting, whatever. I'm in Australia, but I'm usually on at odd times, so it may work.
GT: Wezmon

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