Let's share collectibles!

#1 Posted by VetleNM (83 posts) -

So basically, every game comes with its own set of "unique" collectibles (various snowmen, plants, statues, etc), and to get them all, you have to share them with someone you know. If I share my items with you, you will get access to the unique items in my world and vice versa. There's two achievements tied to this function (one for receiving collectibles from another player, and one for building 25 unique decorative pieces).

Now, seeing as it's Christmas time, let's share the love and our collectibles with each other. My gamertag is "Vetle" (without the quotation marks). Send me a message via the Sharing-option in the pause menu, and I'll make sure to repay the favor. :)

#2 Posted by fidgetwidget (66 posts) -

Feel free to share with me as well. Gamertag: fidgetwidget

#3 Edited by aldo_q (127 posts) -

Same here, gamer tag: asgorath777 (and I think I can speak for my wife she will do the same. Gamer tag: MISS P0ES)
#4 Posted by spintronic (1 posts) -

I'll also share - LimitSeries

#5 Posted by ahab88 (241 posts) -

Hit me up, bros.  - DreamKing88

#6 Posted by DoctorTran (1576 posts) -

Feel free to share with me... i'll share back if need be. GT: DoctorTran37

#7 Edited by Iron_Past (172 posts) -

Oh, hey, didn't see this till now. I'm gonna shoot some people some collectable messages, please respond in kind! 
Gamertag is Iron Past if anyone else sees this later.

#8 Posted by NickLott (793 posts) -

My gamertag is nicklott like my name here. Feel free to send me a message. 

#9 Edited by Wuddel (2109 posts) -

I am in to0. Gamertag: Wuddel1979

#10 Posted by Oginam (447 posts) -

Gamertag: ZhuRong
Gonna toss some friend invites around.

#11 Posted by Meltbrain (2979 posts) -

I'm totally in.
Gamertag: Meltbrain
Hit me up with some collectibles and I shall surely return the favour!

#12 Posted by sikapwach (39 posts) -

Hey Idk if people will be jumping back into this, since it's the XBL free game for the first half of November 2013, but if you do please send me collectibles at "sikapwach" thanks!

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