In lieu of a Lincoln Force shirt...

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Shirt.Woot! has a nifty Abe shirt available today. 

Can't decide if I want to spring for it or not.  
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Man, totally missed the other thread
Edit: Aaand the other one ( but it doesn't really count, because it's not here in the ABRAHAM LINCOLN forum ).

#3 Posted by dutch42 (533 posts) -

That's pretty sweet
#4 Posted by RaisingIndiana (76 posts) -

Dude, i would love an Official Giant Bomb Lincoln Force shirt. My Space Neon Lobsters one is still pretty boss though.

#5 Posted by JoshB (169 posts) -

that would be sweet.

#6 Posted by Pan1c42 (40 posts) -

That image is pure inspiration.

#7 Posted by GoombahMIke (54 posts) -

Now we need a contemporary shirt with Obama beating up BP executives.

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