Lincoln Force Telltale game - make it happen!

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yes this is for the quest, but if we had to be real about it, it's the developer I would want to make it.
EDIT: oh I guess this isn't how you do the quest lol >_> never mind then, nothing to see here :(

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Haha, I thought a similar thing, don't worry.

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I know it doesn't work for that quest, but I still want this to happen.
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This game needs to happen. Lincoln Force would be too awesome.

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They could just have Marty McFly rescue Lincoln from assassination and have him join the party.

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The only way I see that happening is if some game developers in the community decided to band together to make a Lincoln Force game. Regardless, a Lincoln Force game would be epic.

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i suggest activision should  buy this burgeoning IP immediately

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Hell yeah they should. Lincoln Force would be a great game.

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i would buy that

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 A must buy for certain

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DO IT, they are the ones who could make this idea awesome.

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Do it

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My only question is: Game of the Year, or Game of the Millenium?
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Lincoln Force should be a 4 player co-op shooter, with ben franklin, george washington and andy jack, now that would be awesome

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lincoln FORCE GO
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Not by a long shot. No lincoln force

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Okay, we all know Lincoln Force is gonna be huge, but you have to start thinking more towards the future. I think we all realise that a sequel is guaranteed at this point, but have any of you put any thought into spin offs? Other great figures have huge potential for exploiation, across all realms of history. Ceasar Force? Mandela Force? Queen Victoria Force? The possibilities are endless.

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what developer is best suited to make this? My money's on Valve.

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This game would be awesome!

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Millenium.. definitly
#26 Posted by solidlife (882 posts) -
Lincoln Force     needs to happen by the DP guy
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Is this the one?

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This is ridiculous.  Of all the crappy games that get published, and we can't get an inspired one like this??

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Lincoln Force. CarbonNeutralGames. Fall 2012.

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i second the OP's suggestion

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For the game there will then be a movie. 50 Cent should play Lincoln.

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@FuzzyLogic said:
" My only question is: Game of the Year, or Game of the Millenium? "
Game of Four Score and Seven Years Ago.
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Gotta get that thousand

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I'm pretty sure sega's working on it.  JK

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I'm in for some Lincoln Force

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Seems to be a strange but funny game.

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Lincoln Force Telltale game? I would buy it!

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This is actually a pretty good idea

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Lincoln Force versus The Confederation

#40 Posted by Yasihiko (34 posts) -

Hey I'd buy it.  Sounds like a great game!

#41 Posted by Derachi (96 posts) -

I'd buy in a heart beat.

#43 Posted by piropeople13 (399 posts) -

only if it includes luchadeer

#44 Posted by masterfaculty (152 posts) -

What about Taft Force?

#45 Posted by Daveyo520 (6860 posts) -

It would be awesome i the TellTale guys made it. They make great funny games.

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Lincoln Force?

#47 Posted by Daneian (1245 posts) -

Gettysburg Address sword fighting?

#48 Posted by SaiAnIDE (30 posts) -

Can this be it

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