Suggestion: an "Abe Lincoln must die" crossover

#1 Posted by Giantkitty (869 posts) -

Since Abraham Lincoln is a common enemy to Sam and Max and the Aqua Teen Hunger Force, they should get together in a crossover to destroy him once and for all! I think Abe is a reverse vampire and pennies are actually tracking devices and he wants federally mandated group hugs.  And what's with that hat?

ATHFS&M assemble!

#2 Posted by bigscottie (45 posts) -

Whats up with that hat? I'll tell you what's up with that hat its the source of his power of coarse. If you want to destroy Lincoln aim for the hat.

#3 Posted by JeffGoldblum (3777 posts) -

Yeah I hate Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I guess I just don't get it.

#4 Posted by TheLawnWrangler (1738 posts) -

I'm for this, but the humors are way, way, way too different. It'd just be confusing or awkward, unless Sam and Max can start cursing. It's never too late!

#5 Posted by Brontes_Muse (208 posts) -

I really liked abe lincoln as a vampire hunter.  there's a game in there some where.  

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