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Academagia is a game where you play a new student at the Academy of Magic. The game is about performing actions that improve your skills, attributes, and friendships, reacting to random events and finally going on adventures, which provide the main bulk of the story, and are determined by your choices and your skills and attributes.

Though the actions where you improve your character over the course of the school-year and react to random events revolving your schoolmates makes the game somewhat reminiscent of a Japanese dating sim, Academagia is a far broader game that does not focus as much on your character's relationships.

A new player is likely to get a bit of an information shock when first playing, as the sheer number of skills and attributes can be overwhelming. The player has almost complete control over his character's gender, background and heritage when creating the character, which all impact your starting conditions. With there being 7 attributes and over 50 main skills (with several sub-skills to each), knowing how to place your points can be difficult going in, making the use of the Wiki helpful when learning to play.

Aside from attributes, skills and sub-skills, there are also an assortment of spells and spell components which provide skill and attribute boosts, and which become essential to solving later adventures.

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