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Acceleration Of SUGURI X-Edition (PSN Version)

Acceleration of SUGURI (AOS) is a unique PC fighting game that plays like a shooter. AOS has 12 playable characters each with their own move sets consisting of what you would expect from a bullet hell boss battle. One expansion was released for AOS called Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition (AOSXE). Later a new version of AOS combined with it's expansion was released on PSN called Acceleration Of SUGURI X-Edition with improved graphics and exclusive content.



The heat gauge returns in AOS and works largely the same as SUGURI. The higher the heat value the more damage is taken. Staying still and normal flight allow for heat to dissipate.


Dashing still allows safe passage through most energy based attacks. Dash canceling attacks now generates heat and only reduces the animation delay by half. Dashing normally allows for alternate attacks.

Game Modes


Play through a continuous battle mode of random opponents or select a story mode to play through.


VS mode for local and online play. A CPU vs mode and a practice mode.

Version Differeneces

What is this? I don't even..

The PC and PS3 versions are largely the same. The PS3 version has improved graphics and remixed music. Along with extra content, some of the menu choices are named differently but are the the same modes. A notable difference is the ending to one of the story modes. In the PC version of AOSX at the end of "Falling Wonder" Suguri and the rest of the girls are having a "holiday" party with NoName's severed head resting on top of a potted plant while in the PS3 release it's his picture in a Japanese shrine style presentation.

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