SWERY kinda announced his new game.

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Taken from SWERY's twitter, I present you Access games' new project, Lords of Arcana:  http://www.accessgames-blog.com/ 

So, what do you guys think? I'm personally dissapointed if this is supposed the game that exceeds our expectations (he stated that in one of the interviews). 
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looks pretty generic, but i guess with SWERY we can expect anything but.
edit: if you look to the right of the page it seems to be a psp game.

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I'd like to see how FK makes his appearance in this...

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Well it umm... it seems like a proper game :( 

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Magic will be called FK. That way we have FK Potion or coffee.

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Wow they actually got a real publisher for this? Noice! Yay SWERY
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The Guardian says it is a Monster Hunter like game but with lock on targeting, in my books that makes it already better than Monster Hunter.
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dude.. not again. square enix!? for the love of all that is unholy, i sware if i see they make FK into some sort of moogle looking thing i'll burn that place down.. 
sooo.. much.. rage..

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Wasn't this announced like, a month or two ago? I guess Square Enix never revealed the dev until now?
Anyway, it's really hard to get excited for some random Monster Hunter clone -- even if it has SWERY working on it. Don't expect him to get much creative freedom either. The whole project was conceived by Square Enix (it seems to be related to Lord of Vermilion somehow)  -- Access Games were just contracted to develop it.

EDIT: Here are the Lord of Vermilion and Lord of Arcana posters side by side:
They do look extremely similar, don't they?

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